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Syria/Russia: Incendiary Weapons Burn in Aleppo, Idlib

(Beirut) – The joint Syrian-Russian military operation has been using incendiary weapons, which burn their victims and start fires, in civilian areas of Syria in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch said today. Incendiary weapons have been used at least 18 times over the past nine weeks, including in attacks on the opposition-held areas in the
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‘They were torturing to kill’: inside Syria’s death machine “Assad Prisons”

For two years, between 2011 and 2013, the former Syrian military photographer known only as Caesar used a police computer in Damascus to copy thousands of photographs of detainees who were tortured to death in Bashar al-Assad’s jails. The media have run numerous stories about the man who managed to smuggle astonishing evidence of crimes
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Russian weather presenter forecasts perfect conditions for airstrikes on Syria

Viewers of Russian state channel, Rossiya 24 were given a special three minute forecast – on weather conditions for airstrikes in Syria. Meteorologist Ekaterina Grigorova, presented the forecast saying: “In Syria, the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is continuing and as experts have noted, the time chosen for it in terms of the weather
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Syria’s Mercenaries: The Afghans Fighting Assad’s War By Christoph Reuter

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is running out of soldiers and is forced to rely on mercenaries in his ongoing battle against rebels. Many of his foreign fighters come from Afghanistan — men like Murad, who is now being held in Aleppo as a prisoner-of-war.

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